OptimizePress 1.0 Sunset Announcement

Please read this important announcement regarding the OptimizePress 1.0 theme/software

OptimizePress 1.0 first launched in October 2010, and changed the landscape for WordPress page building solutions, as the first conversion optimized landing page builder for digital marketers, creators and entrepreneurs.

In the years from 2010 to 2013, we released hundreds of updates for the OptimizePress 1 platform and established the platform as a leading solution for high-converting landing pages and websites for marketers.

OptimizePress 1.0 was always sold as a one-time fee which included access to updates to the version 1.0 framework. We were 100% transparent about this from our launch.

Since launch, we have provided support for over 100,000 users of OptimizePress 1.0 and answered over 500,000 support emails.

New OptimizePress Versions (2013 - present)

As you may be aware, we have since released versions 2 and 3 of our platform, which were each considered as new platforms (these were built as completely new frameworks and effectively brand new products). 

At the time of launch, we offered legacy discounts for customers of our previous version - from OP1 to OP2 & from OP2 to OP3.

Our pricing across our all software solutions is now subscription based, which allows us to continually develop the OptimizePress Suite of tools, as well as provide amazing support to our customers.

Sunsetting of OptimizePress 1.0

Although we'd love to be able to continue to provide support and updates for our legacy platforms, OptimizePress 1.0 was built for WordPress in 2010. 

The WordPress platform has changed considerably since that time, and it is no longer viable for us to develop updates for the OP1 platform to be compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.

We also consider that, with changes in SEO requirements and site speed requirements, utilizing the latest features of our OptimizePress Suite (3.0) is critical to ensuring your page performs well in search engine rankings and for visitor experience.

With this, we have take the decision to fully sunset OptimizePress 1.0 as of November 2021.  This means we will no longer provide support, access to licensing or access to legacy product files for the OptimizePress 1.0 platform.

For legacy OptimizePress 1.0 customers who did not upgrade to OptimizePress 2.0 when released, we recommend purchasing a new license for the new OptimizePress Suite via https://www.optimizepress.com

We are grateful to you choosing OptimizePress 1.0 and joining us on the journey from the launch of OptimizePress 1.0, and being there from the start.

Across all of our product releases, we've always taken care to be fair to our existing customers, offering upgrade/renewal deals, as well as giving additional time on current licenses to allow for migration to the new platforms.

We do not take the decision to sunset any product lightly, but this will allow us to secure the our software suite and provide support, features and advancements for our current products moving forward.

Thank you for your understanding, we hope you'll choose to continue with OptimizePress for your business journey.

James, Ian & the OptimizePress Team

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